Tuesday, 18 Feb 2020

Twitterati in awe over tigers' territorial fight clip

New Delhi, Jan 17 : A video clip of a fierce territorial fight between two wild tigers, replete with blood-curdling roars from the beasts, in a forest in central India has wowed Twitterati.

Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan shared the clip and wrote "Territorial fight between two full grown #tigers. Listen with headphones. The powerful roar and its echo from Indian #forests. It is from central India."

The clip garnered over 95.4K views.

A Twitter user wrote "Nothing less than majestic! Scared and awestruck at the same time!!"

"Goshhhh! Those roars! Best thing I have seen all day. Wonder who won!" added another.

"Brilliant... lucky that we can see it... at least in video mode...," read one post.

A Tweeple remarked "Look at their tails... surely this must be a behavioural sign of anger. May be."