Wednesday, 29 Jan 2020

Chandigarh University students invent 'QueenBelt' with GPS, distress calling for women's safety

Kharar, Punjab , Jan 16 : In a first, a group of five students from Chandigarh University has invented a belt, which they call QueenBelt, in a bid to protect women against heinous crimes.

The belt is equipped with an electronic circuit, which has a Global Positioning System (GPS) and a mobile SIM card. It can be wear after applying a conductive tape inside the cloth and can only be opened with a four-digit pin.

If someone tries to open it forcefully, the system automatically sends a message to family members and police. The belt has a chargeable battery and a life of one month.

Javtesh Singh, one of the students who invented the smart belt said they have got patent of the device and are working for its commercial selling.

"QueenBelt is a smart safety belt which provides safety to women. It automatically detects sexual assault and rape cases. The belt immediately informs the woman's family and law enforcement agencies. We have also got a patent on the belt. We are also working on a commercial belt," he told ANI.

Explaining the working mechanism of the safety belt, Singh said that the emergency contact also receives the victim's location transmitted via the GPS tracking system, which can be tracked using a mobile app.

Another student Aanchal said that the belt will help women who travel late at night.

"When anyone tries to cut the belt forcefully, an SMS automatically will be sent emergency contacts. It will help in reducing rape cases case," she said.