Get Creative! A Beginner's Guide to Digital Drawing


Get Creative! A Beginner's Guide to Digital Drawing

London, April 23: Have you been enviously eyeing up those speed drawing videos on Youtube? Do you want to let your creative juices flow? Then digital drawing might be for you!

Are you an artist or a person who likes to draw who wants to expand to the digital art world?

Maybe you like to draw and want to dabble in paint without getting out the supplies and spreading the mess everywhere.

Technology has opened up opportunities for artists to expand too. Instead of carrying materials: easels, pencils, paints, etc. Now an artist only needs to access their technology to make their art.

Interested in digital drawing? Want to find out about digital art for beginners?

Read on to learn about creating digital art.

What Is Digital Art?

Digital art, like digital drawing and digital painting, is like regular drawing and painting. The exception is that instead of creating the art on a sketchbook or canvas, you create it on some form of technology.

Tablets and computer screen displays have advanced so much, the artist is able to create stunning art without all the extra materials.

There are some real advantages to creating art this way. First, as already mentioned, it's much less messy. You only need a tablet or computer and some software.

It's also more flexible since you can take your tablet more places than you can spread out your art supplies.

Creating digital art can also be faster. You don't have to wait for layers of materials to dry. You can move from one step to the next without the materials being prohibitive.

Tools for the Digital Artist

There are only a few things you need to get started as a digital artist. You need some hardware, software and a creative spirit. Let's take a closer look at the tools you need to get started as a digital artist.


To get started you need some kind of tablet. The tablet or computer that can act as a tablet. You want to be able to have a touchscreen that you can work on.

You want a tablet or computer with a touchscreen. It also should come with some form of a stylus to use for drawing. Imagine a stylus as a pen for the tablet or computer screen.

There are a variety of options for tablets and touchscreen computers. And the technology is rapidly changing. Consider the screen quality when selecting a tablet. You want your art to be displayed with the best image quality as possible.


Once you have selected your hardware, you need to download some software that will give you a place to create digital drawing or painting.

There are a variety of programs available for digital art. For example, if you plan to create art using an Apple product, there are several drawing apps for Mac that are user friendly for a beginner.

Software options will depend on your hardware. Beyond that, it's very much about personal preference. Try a program, play around with its features. Choose one that feels user friendly to you.

Be forewarned, there are many choices out there. In the end, your art is what matters. One program isn't necessarily going to make your art better. Don't let all the choices intimidate you as a beginner. Try a few, then get started.

Time to Start Creating Art

While every type of software is slightly different, the basic ideas remain the same. Before you can begin you need to play with your interface and get to know how the tools in your particular software program work.

This might sound silly but as a beginner taking the time to play around with your interface is key. If you don't know all the tools in your toolbox, so to speak, you won't access them. Ultimately, that means you have fewer options for the art you want to create.

There's something to be said for taking the time to play with it all. Don't worry so much, at first, about creating art as a finished product. Instead, play around and learn all the facets of the program you selected.

Most programs have some kind of tools. Like an actual paintbrush, charcoal pencil or a paint palette, these tools will help you to create your art. There's usually also some option for how you use these tools too.

Digital Features

When you start a new piece of art you will create a new canvas, like if you were writing and creating a new word document. Similarly, you want to name your documents for easy access and organization as you build a digital portfolio.

One nice feature of a digital platform is the ability to adjust your canvas size with only a few clicks.

There are a few techniques that can add value to your art and ones that as a beginning digital artist you should consider trying.

Layering in art is important to create depth of shape and color. You can do layering in digital art too. Pay attention to how your program layers on your work.

In many programs, the layering feature allows you to work on separate components of your art separately, then to add them together when you are ready.

Your program should also have features for painting digitally. There are likely different brushes and erasers available.

You can also use a blending feature. Blending color and technique helps to add dimension to your art.

Beginner Digital Drawing

Are you excited to get started as a digital artist? Like with any art, the creatively you challenge yourself, the more you can create.

Get started with your digital drawing and drawing and digital painting today.

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Get Creative! A Beginner's Guide to Digital Drawing