Gigi Hadid among potential jurors in Harvey Weinstein case

ANI | 8 months ago

New York , Jan 14 : The jury selection for Harvey Weinstein's trial is underway, and supermodel Gigi Hadid might potentially join the panel of jurors.

According to Fox News, Hadid was present in the Manhattan courtroom alongside more than 100 people and when Judge James Burke enquired if anyone knew a legal team member either from the accusers' or defendant's side, the 24-year-old raised her hand and replied "I have met the defendant."

When asked whether she would be impartial in her judgments, she responded by saying "yes".

The Judge then proceeded to announce a list of all the witnesses and asked the jurors whether they knew any of them, to which Hadid affirmed by saying-- "I have met Salma Hayek and possibly Ryan Beatty," reported Fox News.

The 100 or so jurors, including Hadid, were handed over a questionnaire, which they were instructed to fill in order to provide their background details and prove their impartiality.

Media mogul Harvey Weinstein faces five charges of sexual misconduct and could possibly spend the rest of his life in prison if proven guilty.

Gigi Hadid among potential jurors in Harvey Weinstein case

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