Tencent Cloud FaaS capability was evaluated as a strong performer

SHENZHEN: Forrester, an independent global research and consulting firm, recently released the report The Forrester New Wave: Function-As-A-Service Platforms, Q1 2020.

Tencent Cloud received a differentiated rating in the criteria of developer experience, security features, and vision Forrester officially gave it a strong performer evaluation.

This report also pointed out that Tencent Cloud provides a compelling web-based toolset tools to provide users with good developer experience. At the same time, it also provides robust isolation of functions, role-based access control and support for virtual private clouds.

It is understood that this Forrester comprehensively evaluates the strength of FaaS services from ten dimensions including developer experience, programming model, and runtime execution environment, and helps enterprise users select the service provider that suits them.

In addition to continuous business expansion and continuous product launch, Forrester believes that Tencent Cloud Serverless's user reputation has also been well received. Customer feedback included in the Forrester report also mentioned: The Tencent support team is reliable and responsive to our needs , It's easy to integrate with other Tencent cloud services.

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Tencent Cloud FaaS capability was evaluated as a strong performer