Introducing NanoLyte Certified Water-Soluble CBD

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TAMPA, Fla: Beneficial Blends, the leading co-packing partner specializing in high quality, customized products, with beneficial health attributes, launches NanoLyte, the first certified organic water-soluble CBD, with non-detectable THC.

NanoLyteemulsion CBD was developed by a global team of leading PhD's, resulting in industry leading clarity and taste making it the most effective ingredient for any beverage, food, dietary supplement or cosmetic product. NanoLyte's all natural, mild taste features exceptionally high bioavailability (rate of absorption), water compatibility (easily mixed into beverages) and long-term product stability. The product is available in a liquid, powder or tablet format.

In addition to NanoLyte, Beneficial Blends manufactures a variety of CBD-infused products including ingestible products and topicals. Products are available to fit specific manufacturing and retailer needs whether in bulk packaging such as gallons, drums and totes, or retail-ready shots, tinctures, jars, sprays or candles.

CBD oil naturally doesn't mix with water and has an extremely bitter taste, said company founder and CEO Erin Meagher. As oil experts, we saw the need for a high quality, organic, water-soluble product light in color and in taste. Through extensive testing and research, we've formulated NanoLyte, an authentic product that is backed by science and made in a certified organic manufacturing facility.

NanoLyte, like all Beneficial Blends products, is produced according to the company's 4 Diamond Approach—'Beneficial for You' products, quality, transparency, and social impact—ensuring high standards within a transparent and socially responsible business and manufacturing practice. The company's facility is FDA compliant, USDA Certified Organic and Kosher Certified. Beneficial Blends maintains an SQF Level III certification and was recently certified for dietary supplements, food additives and re-packaging of goods. Beneficial Blends upholds Fair For Life certification, a testament to its commitment to responsible sourcing and the fair and ethical treatment of farmers.

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Introducing NanoLyte Certified Water-Soluble CBD

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