SparkCognition to Partner with Koenigsegg's Freevalve to Create Intelligent Combustion Engine

AUSTIN, Texas: SparkCognition, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) company, and Freevalve AB, a leading technology company in Sweden, announced a partnership to leverage artificial intelligence to transform combustion engines to become the most sustainable propulsion choice when running on CO2-neutral fuels.

This revolutionary technology will be at the core of the Koenigsegg Gemera's Tiny Friendly Giant (TFG) engine, set to go into production in early 2022.

Freevalve is one of the most exciting technology companies I have been involved with and SparkCognition's AI solutions bring its capabilities to the next level. With Freevalve and SparkCognition's technology, the combustion engine has never seen a brighter future, said Christian von Koenigsegg, CEO of Freevalve and Koenigsegg.

With its inventive technology, Freevalve has reimagined the combustion engine. Its independent and flexible control of the engine's intake and exhaust flows provides a unique possibility to operate the engine on 0 - 100 % renewable fossil-free fuels. This offers a low CO2-footprint and substantially higher energy efficiency and lower emissions. SparkCognition brings its vast experience of applying AI to a variety of rotating equipment, generators, compressors, and other industrial assets to enhance Freevalve's capabilities.

We are excited to partner with Freevalve to infuse intelligence using our AI expertise into the advanced Freevalve technology that transforms combustion engines. We look forward to helping further transform the Koenigsegg TFG into a game changing smart engine and bringing our combined vision around technology and sustainability to life, said Sridhar Sudarsan, Chief Technology Officer at SparkCognition.

Freevalve and SparkCognition's combined technology can be implemented in various automotive engine variations, including passenger cars, trucks, and buses as well as marine and aerospace applications.

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SparkCognition to Partner with Koenigsegg's Freevalve to Create Intelligent Combustion Engine