Korber Unveils Strategy to Conquer Supply Chain Complexity

HAMBURG, Germany: Korber Supply Chain - the global supply chain technology leader from software to material handling automation, unveils its plans to revolutionize the supply chain industry by combining the technology, services and expertise of some the world's top solution providers.

More products, suppliers, distribution channels and ever-rising consumer expectations make supply chains more complex each day. This is heightened by global labor challenges. Technology can help, but often adds complexity - a major issue being end-to-end integration of software and hardware. In a global survey of hundreds of supply chain professionals, Korber found

More than 90% aren't ready to handle supply chain complexities
Less than 50% can address more than one supply chain challenge at a time
One in three still rely on manual methods for receiving, storing, picking and packing

Your supply chain can make or break your business, said Stephen Gottsche, chief executive officer of Korber Supply Chain Automation. Korber is dedicated to making your supply chain a strategic differentiator - regardless of location, industry, size or business strategy.

Spanning software, automation, voice/vision/mobility, robotics, materials handling equipment, systems integration and consulting, Korber provides a broad range of solutions and more than 30 years' experience evolving supply chains end to end. This is supported by 1,300 in-house experts and nearly 100 partners around the world.

Korber is a partner with both depth and vision, Chad Collins, chief executive officer for Korber Supply Chain Software. By offering the right solution, at the right time at, any point in the supply chain, we turn complexity into an opportunity - overcoming challenges that arise today or beyond.

Formerly Korber Logistics Systems, Korber Supply Chain consists of Aberle, Aberle Software, Cirrus Logistics, The Cohesio Group, Consoveyo, DMLogic, HighJump, inconso, Otimis, Langhammer, Riantics and Voiteq. The companies already have proven success with thousands of companies around the world.

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Korber Unveils Strategy to Conquer Supply Chain Complexity