Member of US forces Japan tests positive for Coronavirus

Tokyo [Japan], Mar 26 : An active serving member of the United States Forces Japan (USFJ) has been tested positive for the novel coronavirus on Thursday.

In a press release issued on Thursday, USFJ said that the active-duty patient who tested positive had been in "Restriction of Movement status upon his return from the United States on March 15th."

The statement added that since March 11, "United States Forces Japan has required personnel returning to Japan to be immediately restricted to quarters for 14 days." The member who tested positive was assigned to Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka.

USFJ health professionals are now conducting contact tracing to determine if the patient had interacted with other personnel.

The press release added, "the overall risk to individual USFJ members in Japan remains moderate and the command encourages strict hygiene measures to reduce the risk of transmission. Anyone who believes they are ill should coordinate with their organizations in order to stay home and avoid exposing others to infection."


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Member of US forces Japan tests positive for Coronavirus