ThreatConnect Customers Can Prevent Account Takeover with New SpyCloud Integration

AUSTIN, Texas: ThreatConnect, Inc. provider of the industry's only intelligence-driven security operations platform and SpyCloud, the leading provider of account takeover prevention solutions, announced a partnership that will give ThreatConnect customers access to SpyCloud's 96+ billion recovered breach assets so they can identify and remediate credential exposures before they become account breaches.

ThreatConnect's Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) and Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) work in tandem to help security operations teams identify credible threats and proactively adjust their security posture to protect against those attack vectors. With the integration of SpyCloud's breach database, teams will be able to scan their entire user bases for email addresses, usernames, passwords or other personally identifiable information that has been exposed to cybercriminals.

ThreatConnect's Platform uses Playbooks to help security operations teams react even more quickly to credible threats. Playbooks address specific threat scenarios and automatically launch combinations of software integrated with ThreatConnect to reduce the need for human management and accelerate threat response times.

Our customers know that poor user password habits put accounts at risk, said ThreatConnect Integrations Product Manager Richard Cody. Having access to SpyCloud's dataset through our platform means they can detect and remediate credential compromises before account takeover attacks begin.

SpyCloud primarily uses human intelligence-gathering techniques to recapture stolen credentials directly from cybercriminals, well before they begin using them to take over accounts or launch attacks to otherwise monetize stolen data. Compromised employee credentials present criminals with a lucrative opportunity to collect corporate data, launch spear-phishing or perpetrate business email compromise attacks, so identifying exposure quickly is key to preventing damage to a company's reputation, bottom line, and customers.

The data we provide to ThreatConnect customers through this partnership will not only allow them to prevent damaging account takeover attacks, but should also give them a better understanding of credential management habits among their employee and customer bases, said Chris LaConte, chief strategy officer for SpyCloud. Automating password remediations and instituting NIST's recommendations for secure passwords will help companies reduce their risk of data breaches and guide users to more secure internet habits overall.

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ThreatConnect Customers Can Prevent Account Takeover with New SpyCloud Integration