The Baby's Brew Launches New Version of Portable Bottle Warmer: The Baby's Brew PRO

PENSACOLA, Fla: The Baby's Brew, the first-ever battery powered bottle warmer that was created by an entrepreneurial couple determined to make child-rearing easier on parents everywhere, this week excitedly announced they have launched a new version of their portable bottle warmer: The Baby's Brew PRO.

Realizing how difficult it was to find warm water anytime they traveled while caring for their newborn daughter, the team behind the Baby's Brew knew there had to be a better way.

One of the biggest struggles we had was that our daughter refused to drink anything that was not warm, said Alaina Moulton, Co-Founder of the Baby's Brew. We struggled to find warm water everywhere we turned, as coffee machines and microwaves created a scalding hot sensation that we couldn't use with our child. We tried to find a portable, battery-powered option, to no avail. We knew we needed to do something.

Creating the Baby's Brew, which not only heats water to warm temperatures, but also functions as formula storage, the couple behind the invention set out the change parenting forever. The product warms water on the go, as well as helps to maintain the temperature for hours at a time.

This week, the Baby's Brew launched a newer version of their acclaimed bottle warmer, the Baby's Brew PRO. Adding a fourth temperature setting to the original product, now parents can access 80, 98.6, 103, and 110 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as enjoy three-times faster warming and four-times the battery life when compared to the last version. Additionally, the warmed water now lasts up to 8-12 hours at a time, and can warm up to 5-10 bottles depending the amount of liquid and the starting temperature.

This product is perfect for hikes, exploring, excursions in the park, or anything else outside, said Moulton. With a rechargeable battery and our newer Baby's Brew product that will keep liquids warm for the entire day, couples can finally ensure their babies are happy and content no matter where they go. We believe families are meant to travel, live, and laugh together inside and outside. We hope we have provided your family with those options.

The Baby's Brew PRO has a 100% rechargeable battery and comes with a universal USB cord to charge on-the-go. Generally, it takes about 5-10 minutes to warm the liquids, although results can vary based on the type of liquid, the temperature desire, and the ambient temperature. A formula dispenser is also included in the Baby's Brew PRO package.

For more information, or to check out the Baby's Brew PRO today, visit https//

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The Baby's Brew Launches New Version of Portable Bottle Warmer: The Baby's Brew PRO