Italy calls for solidarity from Europe to curb COVID-19 pandemic

ANI | 6 months ago

Brussels [Belgium], Mar 25 : Italy has asked EU countries for help in fighting the coronavirus pandemic, as the government cannot run the country by issuing decrees that may lead to an authoritarian state, Isabella Tovaglieri, a member of the European Parliament from Italy's right-wing Lega party told Sputnik on Tuesday.

"Italy is facing the most serious emergency after the Second World War alone, without concrete solidarity, even symbolic, from Europe. We ask these countries for a commitment to cooperate. In fact, the Italian government cannot go ahead running the country by decrees, which the risk of dragging Italy towards an authoritarian state," the lawmaker said.

The legislator added that the government had introduced heavy limitations on citizens' freedom for the common good, which was criticized by other European nations at first.

President Sergio Mattarella on Tuesday also called for unity to curb the pandemic, after he paid homage to the 335 victims of one of the Nazis' worst atrocities at the Ardeatine Caves outside Rome, known as the Ardeatine massacre, on the 76th anniversary of the tragedy.

The leader compared the severeness of the situation to that of the postwar period and urged for the same solidarity to be shown in order to enable the moral, civic, economic and social rebirth of the country.

To date, Italy has confirmed 54,030 coronavirus cases. The death toll has reached 6,820, and 8,326 patients have recovered.

Italy calls for solidarity from Europe to curb COVID-19 pandemic

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