Skytap on Microsoft Azure is now Publicly Available

SEATTLE: Skytap announces public availability of its service for running IBM Power applications in Microsoft Azure. This service provides complete application environments that are compatible with on-premises data centers, including natively running AIX, IBM i, and Linux on Power workloads.

This greatly simplifies migration of existing systems to Azure by eliminating the need to re-architect or re-platform. Businesses can now realize the benefits of the cloud for even the most complex applications.

We are thrilled to make Skytap on Azure publicly available to enable enterprises and ISVs to move their traditional applications from aging data centers and use all the benefits of Azure to innovate faster, said Brad Schick, CEO, Skytap.

Customers have been providing continual feedback during preview and are seeing measurable results at public availability.

We had an urgent need to validate a new configuration of our software on Power for a new customer. With Skytap on Azure we were able to rapidly provision and deploy the new configuration and validate it with our standard battery of QA tests, Said Jeff Zeisler, VP of Field Services at Delphix. It went so well we're looking at expanding our use of Skytap.

Read more from Eric Lockard, Microsoft Corporate Vice President for Azure Dedicated.

The service is now publicly available in Azure's East US region with plans to expand to West Europe, South Central US, and Southeast Asia. Availability dates for these regions will be announced in the coming months. Skytap is listed in the Azure Marketplace and will be transactable in the first half of 2020.

Our annual IBM i Marketplace Study continually shows most customers have Microsoft Windows alongside IBM i. With Skytap's service now available in Azure, this group has a complete solution in the cloud that other providers have struggled to offer, Said Tom Huntington, EVP of Technical Solution, HelpSystems. We are excited to work with our customers on their IBM i cloud journey.

Customers use Skytap to run everything from development environments and virtual training labs to production and disaster recovery. Skytap unlocks the benefits of the cloud for traditional applications including capacity on demand, pay-as-you-go pricing (even for IBM i), and self-service provisioning and deployment. Combining Skytap's industry-leading support for legacy systems with Azure's rich suite of services and strong position in the enterprise frees customers to bring the applications powering their business into the future.

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Skytap on Microsoft Azure is now Publicly Available