Prime Texas Movers Announces Launch of New Branches in Dallas and Houston

HOUSTON: Prime Texas Movers, a professional Texas moving company boasting years of experience and utilizing the latest technologies to deliver the highest level of services, announced the launch of new branches in Dallas and Houston, extending its offerings to a plethora of additional customers in the Lone Star State.

With the announcement of the new Dallas moving company and Houston moving company branches, PTM now oversees offices in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Arlington, Austin, Fort Worth and El Paso, with each location offering a myriad of services from apartment and long distance moving to residential and piano moving, packing and unpacking, corporate office moving and interstate moving.

At PTM, we treat every move individually and with full understanding of the client's needs, says Peter Foster, PTM's Crew Chief. If there's anything we've learned during the multitude of years we've been doing this, it's that moving to a new location can be a stressful and difficult time, and while there are always more than a few Dallas moving company or Houston moving company options Texas residents can choose from, it's important that they decide on one they can trust.

That's where we come in, as we treat every client's belongings as if they were our own, our professional team of movers handling all personal possessions with the utmost of care. To say that we are proud to now be offering our premium moving services to residents of Dallas and Houston is something of a massive understatement.

In the area of corporate office moving, PTM moving staff first implements tactical procedures to ensure that all technologies and sensitive documents are properly packed and protected during the process. These methods encompass detailed planning and strategic organization, carefully determining the best way to prepare paperwork, printers, desks and documents for a move and always considering the weather prior to tackling a project to protect vital items from rain, wind and other environmental hazards.

PTM's residential moving services begin with the implementation of a moving plan, which includes everything from a timeline for packing to calculating the exact route drivers will take when traveling from a current residence to the new home. From there, the company offers residential moving services that include packing, unpacking, white glove delivery, furniture/heavy items disassembly, hose removal/uninstalling appliances and provision of packing material and boxes.

What's more, PTM's moving specialists are available for apartment moves, whether it's for a small efficiency unit or a spacious, sprawling luxury apartment, understanding that moving to or from such a rental residence comes with its own unique set of challenges. As such, the company takes into account factors like moving heavy items up and down steps, parking constraints, the need to reserve passenger or freight elevators, keeping noise to a minimum, meeting any time constraints set forth in a lease and avoiding damage to walls and floors so no deductions are taken out of damage deposits.

Because special care and caution is needed to move pianos, PTM movers have familiarized themselves with the best ways to handle obstacles safely, taking into consideration proper loading and securing, even weight distribution, shifting during transport and more. Similarly, when it comes to long distance moving, the company eliminates the stress of this often life-changing event by ensuring all items arrive on time, on budget and intact.

When it comes time for interstate moving, PTM demonstrates its accountability to customers for the sake of security, always providing a U.S. Department of Transportation number, FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration and cargo/bodily injury and property damage insurance information.

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Prime Texas Movers Announces Launch of New Branches in Dallas and Houston