New Survey Reveals Gaps in Awareness about how to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus

PRN | 5 months ago

SAN FRANCISCO: Data and analytics platform Premise Data announced today it has collected data about COVID-19, formerly known as the Coronavirus, from over 50,000 people around the world.

Premise shared its survey with 1.6 million active contributors and within hours had collected valuable insights from people in 39 countries including Taiwan, Thailand, the United States, and the Philippines.

Highlights from the Premise Coronavirus Awareness Survey include

The most common precaution taken worldwide is hand washing or using hand sanitizer more frequently (57.5%).
38.5% of survey respondents are wearing facemasks to prevent contracting the disease; the Centers for Disease Control says the protective effects of masks are minor.
Most American respondents (47.3%) are washing hands more frequently, whereas a smaller percentage (17.7%) is opting to wear facemasks.
In contrast, the most common precaution among the Taiwanese (79.9%) is wearing facemasks, while a smaller percentage (67.2%) is washing hands more frequently; in the Philippines, 78.1% of respondents are washing hands more frequently and 70% are wearing facemasks.
Worldwide, 69.8% of respondents said they're very concerned or concerned about the spread of Coronavirus to their community.
In the United States, in contrast, only 47.8% of contributors reported being concerned about the virus spreading to their community.

During a fast-moving global health crisis like this, we are able to deploy our technology in order to measure people's levels of understanding about prevention, better understand where they are getting their information, and gauge citizens' level of concern, said CEO Maury Blackman. Being able to collect massive amounts of insightful data in such a short time shows the power of our technology and is very gratifying.

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New Survey Reveals Gaps in Awareness about how to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus

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