Buttock Enlarged With Donated Fat By Seattle Plastic Surgeon

SEATTLE: Dr. Javad Sajan, of Allure Esthetic (https://www.allureesthetic.com/), presented his new non-surgical alternative to the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) procedure.

The non-surgical procedure was developed by Dr. Sajan because the surgery has a risk of death of up to 1 in 3,000. Using his own proprietary recipe that includes donated fat, dermal fillers, and platelet rich plasma, Dr. Sajan enlarges the buttock to a size chosen by the patient. The sizes are medium, large, and extra large.

For medium enhancement, the cost is $6,000, large enhancement is $9,000, and extra large costs $12,000. Dr. Sajan has named this procedure the Zombie BBL.

When asked what makes this non-surgical BBL different from the others, Dr. Sajan says, Unlike other non-surgical butt lifts, the Zombie Non-Surgical BBL is more than just a filler; it actually induces the body to make and retain its own natural volume from fat and collagen.

This procedure carries less risk than a surgical Brazilian butt lift and adheres to Allure Esthetic's commitment to providing an innovative standard of care to their patients.

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Buttock Enlarged With Donated Fat By Seattle Plastic Surgeon