PRP Hair Restoration Therapy in New Jersey Now Offered by Healthy Aging Medical Centers

WEST ORANGE, N.J: Healthy Aging Medical Centers is pleased to announce it now offers PRP Hair Restoration Therapy in New Jersey. Using its cutting-edge medical technology, Dr. Johanan Rand, M.D and his team of professionals know how to use PRP to help men and women restore fuller and thicker hair.

Thinning hair due to natural aging affects men and women for various reasons, whether it be a hormone imbalance or natural aging. Until recently, there haven't been any methods to gain it back. However, hair loss can now be reversed using Platelet Rich Plasma (also known as PRP) and can be combined with other treatments as well.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is an exciting new procedure for thickening hair in that it does not require surgery or downtime, making it the preferred choice for restoring thicker and fuller hair. There are a couple of reasons why men experience thinning hair which include medications, aging, testosterone imbalance, genetic factors or overexertion. Men may begin to experience baldness or thinning hair starting at age 19 while others don't begin to notice until their late 40's or 50's. For women, hair loss can begin around age 35, which is close to the age where perimenopause begins. However, there are other factors that can affect hair loss as well such as Progesterone or Estrogen imbalance, childbirth, hormonal imbalance, Hypothyroid, Hashimoto's and more.

Although Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment is new, PRP uses stem cells, which have been used safely for many years to reheal and regenerate damaged tissues. As with most procedures, there is a careful process involved. Blood is drawn from the patient's arm and then the blood is put into a machine that spins the blood tubes to separate the red blood cells from the plasma. The plasma, which is rich in platelets, is then directly injected into the scalp. The injection is strategically within close proximity on the scalp and on the surrounding thinning area. The procedure is not painful and therefore numbing agents are not used.

Any men or women in the greater New Jersey area that are struggling with hair loss are encouraged to seek out Dr. Rand and his medical professionals at Healthy Aging Medical Centers.

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PRP Hair Restoration Therapy in New Jersey Now Offered by Healthy Aging Medical Centers