Anti-govt slogan spray-painted outside HK Chinese army base

Hong Kong, Feb 20 : A popular slogan of Hong Kong's months-long anti-government protests was spray-painted on the wall outside one of the Chinese Armys bases in the city, it was reported on Thursday.

The eight words in Chinese - "Liberate Hong Kong; Revolution of our times" - were found daubed on the external walls of Gun Club Hill Barracks on Wednesday evening, reports the South China Morning Post (SCMP) newspaper.

Police officers arrived at the barracks and found no suspects, after a passer-by called emergency services.

By Wednesday night, an investigation was launched but there were no arrests.

The 11-hectare military site is one of the barracks occupied by China's People's Liberation Army since the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong from Britain on July 1, 1997.

Hong Kong has been gripped since June 2019 by an anti-government protest movement, sparked by opposition to a proposed piece of extradition legislation.

The unrest grew into a broad movement for greater democracy and accountability, with frequent violent street clashes between police and protesters.

Use of the revolutionary slogan - a regular refrain of protesters - has in the past month touched a nerve with the authorities, said the SCMP report.

Both Chief Executive Carrie Lam and China said it threatened the foundation of "one country, two systems".


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Anti-govt slogan spray-painted outside HK Chinese army base