Kejriwal's guarantee card to remain priority for new govt

New Delhi, Feb 16 : The "Kejriwal ka Guarantee Card", released by the Aam Aadmi Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal in January ahead of the Delhi Assembly polls, will be the top priority for the newly formed government.

Kejriwal and six of his ministers took oath on Sunday and the party leaders said that they would be focusing on the 10-guarantees promised by the Aam Aadmi Party to the Delhiites.

Among the guarantees was the promise to reduce air pollution in Delhi. "We will plant more than two crore trees to make Delhi green," the card reads.

The first 'guarantee' by Kejriwal is about electricity, which promises the continuation of 24-hour uninterrupted power supply and 200 units of free electricity for all. "The city will be freed from the web of wires and electricity will reach each household through an underground cable," the guarantee card says.

The Aam Aadmi Party promised 24-hour pure piped drinking water to each house in the next five years and said the scheme of providing 20,000 litres of free water will continue.

The third guarantee is to give a world-class education facility to each child in Delhi.

The card also promised better health facilities for all as the fourth guarantee.

Kejriwal's fifth guarantee is to have the "biggest and cheapest" transport facility for the city. "More than 11,000 buses will be on the Delhi roads and the Delhi metro will have more than 500-kilometre stretch in the city," the card says.

The AAP government will also work to improve the last mile connectivity. In the card, Kejriwal also said on the lines of free bus travel for women, students' travel will also be made free.

"The bus rides for women will continue," Kejriwal added. The sixth guarantee is about controlling the air pollution in the city. It also includes a promise to clean the Yamuna.

While the garbage management is with the MCD, the AAP said it will make the national capital garbage-free in the next five years.

His eighth guarantee is to make the city safer for women and the card said the AAP government will also deploy 'Mohalla Marshals'.

Kejriwal also promised road, water supply, sewer, CCTV and mohalla clinics for the unauthorised colonies as his ninth guarantee.

His last and tenth promise is to give "pucca" houses to people living in slums under the "Jahan Jhuggi Wahin Makan" scheme.

"I am giving ten guarantees to the city. This is not a manifesto. This is superior to the manifesto. These 10 things are the issues which affect all the people in Delhi."

Kejriwal had signed the card after announcing them and said "I will fulfil these promises in the next five years".

AAP has bagged 62 of the 70 seats here, while the BJP got eight and the Congress failed to score.


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Kejriwal's guarantee card to remain priority for new govt