Controlling Pests in an Organic Garden

New York, Feb 15: The many benefits of organic gardening are quickly becoming well known. Yet few people choose to actually make the change.

One of the biggest problems facing the organic gardener is pests. It is possible to control garden pests effectively without resorting to harsh chemicals.

1. The dangers of chemical pesticides.

2. Diatomaceous Earth - what it is and how it works.

3. Insect repelling plants - garlic, marigold and more.

4. Neem Oil and other plant extracts

5. Introducing beneficial organisms - ladybugs and nematodes

6. Hot pepper sprays and waxes

7. Scent repellents - using the scent or predators to repel their prey (rabbits, rats, etc.)

8. Using beer to control slugs

You don't have to rely on harmful chemicals to keep your garden free from pests. Take advantage of the techniques you have learned here and maintain a thriving organic garden.

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Controlling Pests in an Organic Garden