Baghel first C'garh CM to speak at Harvard University

ANI | 6 months ago

Raipur , Feb 14 : Bhupesh Baghel will be the first Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh to have been invited to deliver a keynote address at the Harvard India Conference.

A press release from Chhattisgarh's Department of Public Relations said "It is a matter of pride for a tribal-dominated and agriculture-oriented state like Chhattisgarh."

"Although the Chief Minister has been invited to a discussion on the topic 'Caste and Politics in Democratic India', he will share his experiences on recent innovative initiatives in agriculture and allied sectors in Chhattisgarh with policymakers and researchers present there," the press release said.

The Chief Minister will also provide information on other issues, including an increase in the purchasing power of people of Chhattisgarh despite the economic recession.

The press release said "The researchers of Harvard University have been impressed by the state's ambitious plan, Narwa, Garwa, Ghurwa and Badi scheme so much that they have also expressed their desire to study and research the scheme in the state."

At the same time, the students in the university will research how the optimum use of rainwater is promoted through water management structures which will result in recharging the groundwater table.

The press release further said "It is noteworthy that in December last year, US Council General David Ranz visited Chhattisgarh, during which he had closely monitored the economic schemes of the Chhattisgarh government and had also inspected 'Adarsh Gothan.' Last year in July also, US Ambassador to India Kenneth Ian Juster had visited Chhattisgarh."

"Getting invited for a lecture from a prestigious institute like Harvard is a major achievement. The India Conference of Harvard University, one of the best educational institutions in the world, is held annually for dialogue, discussion, etc., on contemporary topics related to India, in which eminent personalities from all over the world participate. The event is one of the world's largest forums for connecting people," the press release said.

Harvard University in Boston is counted among the world's highest educational institutions. Many US Presidents, Nobel laureates and famous personalities have studied at Harvard so far.

"It is a matter of pride for the country and the state to share the innovation in the field of development in a tribal-dominated state like Chhattisgarh in a university like Harvard," added the press note.

Baghel first C'garh CM to speak at Harvard University

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