VHP stages protest against Valentine's Day in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad ( Gujarat) , Feb 14 : The Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Friday staged a protest here against Valentine's Day in a bid to save Indian culture according to the members of the organisation.

Jwalit Mehta, President of VHP Ahmedabad, said that Valentine's Day is a western festival and hence should be shunned.

"We have always opposed the western festival of Valentine's Day. It is not our culture. We have never opposed love, but we oppose indecency in the name of love. We are taking out protests across the country against Valentine's Day to save our culture."

VHP members were also seen distributing pamphlets requesting youths to not celebrate Valentine's Day.

"We have urged the youngsters to not celebrate the western festival. For the last three days, we have been distributing pamphlets to youngsters urging them to not celebrate the festival. We are also requesting the Hindu girls to not to fall for 'Love-Jihad'," he added.


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VHP stages protest against Valentine's Day in Ahmedabad