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eCommerce Product Photography Industry Adopts Automation

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IRVINE, Calif: Ortery Technologies, Inc. stated that as no contact shopping becomes the new norm, spiking online sales are accelerating the eCommerce industry to adopt Ortery's product photography automation technologies to get products online faster.

Ortery manufactures integrated photography solutions that utilize software to streamline picture taking and drastically increase online customer engagement. Their all-in-one product photography solutions can be used by anyone, regardless of photography skill, to create professional still and interactive 3D / 360 product views.

Most companies don't know this type of photography technology exists said Sam Shearer, Managing Director or Ortery Technologies. We do demonstrations and customers are blown away with the image quality, simplicity and efficiency of our systems.

Current Reality

eCommerce is a flat playing field with strong competition
Consumers make purchasing decisions based on what they see
Photo standards and customer expectations have been increasing
eCommerce photography needs to be easy and fast, without sacrificing quality
Companies that offer better and interactive visuals get rewarded

The Solution

Integrated photography systems that use software to control the entire photography process
Take product shots that do not need editing
Use new lighting techniques to automatically take pictures on transparent backgrounds
Increase efficiency and throughput by re-using best camera, lighting and saving settings
Automate the creation of 3D and 360 interactive product views
Make it easy to deploy content across multiple eCommerce and social media platforms

How It Works

When photography hardware and software work together in an all-in-one solution, product photography benefits skyrocket. Software is used to automate each step of the image capture process. In fact, users can see what the picture will look like before it is taken.

The included Ortery Capture software controls a compatible Canon camera, studio lighting and turntable movement in real time via USB. Image capture workflows and customizable profiles guide users to efficiently capture and save stills, videos and interactive 3D / 360 product views.

With independent control of dimmable LED light banks, including top, front left, front right, back and bottom, taking photos on pure white is easy. The AutoMask feature takes pictures using different lighting conditions and compares them to automatically drop backgrounds in seconds. No postproduction required.

Users can save and re-use the best camera, lighting, and turntable settings to output images with customizable options in JPG, PNG, TIFF, TGA, RAW, WebP, HTML5, GIF, MOV and MP4 formats in the same saving process.

All-in-one solutions from Ortery are currently available for every industry and work with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Founded February 2003 with offices in California and Taiwan, Ortery Technologies invents, patents and manufactures product photography automation solutions for all industries.

eCommerce Product Photography Industry Adopts Automation

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