10 Tips For Tasty Vegetarian Cooking

10 Tips For Tasty Vegetarian Cooking
New York, Feb 6: Many recipes rely on meat. So how can you make tasty vegetarian meals?

Here are some tips that will help.

1. Use seitan instead of chicken.

2. Replace ground beef with textured soy products.

3. Use hearty ingredients like potatoes, beans and cheese.

4. Make steak recipes with portabello mushrooms.

5. Make delicious side dishes.

6. Use roasted sweet potato instead of ham.

7. Instead of chicken broth, make a homemade veggie broth.

8. Replace beef stock with onion soup.

9. Substitute sun-dried tomatoes for bacon.

10. Don't give up your favorite recipes.

With these tips, you'll be able to make amazing vegetarian meals. Even your meat-eating friends will ask for a serving.

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10 Tips For Tasty Vegetarian Cooking