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Plant Lovers Can Build an Indoor Oasis with New and Exclusive Offerings From The Plant Shop at

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CARLE PLACE, N.Y: The Plant Shop at continues to expand its breadth of offerings, introducing approximately 30 new and exclusive products to its already robust assortment.

Building on its authority position in the plant space, brand-new categories include faux plants and hanging plants, in addition to fresh varieties of houseplants, succulents, blooming plants and orchids. Leafy content and resources, including expert plant care tips, have been curated to further engage customers on their plant-parenting journey.

Whether for home decor, to spruce up the home office or for socially distant gifting, the demand for plants continues to surge, says Alfred Palomares, Vice President, Merchandising and Resident Plant Dad, As we broaden our assortment to include offerings in the faux and hanging categories, The Plant Shop at is the go-to destination for the most on-trend greenery and authoritative content.

Available for two-day shipping nationwide*, the latest additions to The Plant Shop include

New Houseplants and Succulents Create a Plant Lover's Paradise has added a variety of trending and in-demand houseplants and succulents to its growing plant family. Each of these green beauties arrive in their own modern and stylish container, ready to bring the many benefits of plants into the home.

Maiden Hair Fern - Luna and Zoe
Alocasia Polly Plant
Marble Queen Pothos Plant
Red Maranta Prayer Plant
Pineapple Air Plant by Southern Living

Hanging Plants That Elevate Any Space - Literally
Looking to add some dimension to the home office? Or not enough space? Enter hanging plants! With their cascading foliage and air-purifying qualities, these flourishing plants arrive in a sleek, white planter or an adorable sloth container - perfect for hanging out!

Boston Fern Hanging Plant
Arrowhead Hanging Plant
English Ivy Hanging Plant
Pothos Hanging Sloth Plant

No Green Thumb? No Problem!
Real plant parenthood may not be for everyone, but there are plenty of realistic faux plants that can transform a home into an indoor jungle. Each of these new and exclusive green and flowering faux plants are displayed in a rattan basket or ceramic planter. Best of all, they need no maintenance.

Faux Monstera Tree
Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
Faux Palm Tree
Faux Green Trailing Variegated Plant
Faux White Orchid
Faux Blooming Peony & Hydrangea

Plants in Full Bloom has added to its already robust collection of blooming plants and elegant orchids, all sure to brighten any indoor garden. Customers can choose from more than a dozen new fragrant blooms, including the Autumn Gathering Gardenia, Fall Forest Friends Mini Plants, Serenity Orchid Garden, Bonfire Warmth Orchid and more.

Un-be-LEAF-able Exclusive Content and More for Caring and Sharing
The Plant Corner features engaging curated content to help customers care for their plants and further interact with the brand. Two new blog series, Rooted in Happiness and Plant Parenting 101, include topics such as Seven Green Houseplants You Can Grow At Home and Health Benefits of Plants, with more articles being added regularly. Complimentary backgrounds have been designed to offer greenhouse vibes for connecting with plant enthusiasts virtually. All budding plant-fluencers are encouraged to join the conversation and share their love of plants with on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, using #BetterWithPlants

Happiness Delivered with Free Shipping for Celebrations Passport Members
Whether giving or receiving, plant devotees can take advantage of the company's Celebrations Passport loyalty program, which provides members with free, standard shipping and no service charge on purchases for one full year across the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. family of brands.

Plant Lovers Can Build an Indoor Oasis with New and Exclusive Offerings From The Plant Shop at

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