Klook Travel, a world-leading travel and leisure booking platform, today announced the launch of Klook Live!, the brand's own interactive livestream mobile feature.

Launched in five APAC markets[1], users can experience Klook's wide variety of offerings up-close through entertaining and interactive instant video content.

With this, the brand wants to introduce traveltainment, a new form of immersive content that elevates users' ways of discovering and booking both local and overseas tours, activities and experiences, and even staycations at a destination.

The pandemic has made users even more critical and discerning when making a purchase. With Klook Live!, we enable users to gain a more authentic look at our offerings, as well as directly ask questions in real-time before buying. Our early success demonstrates that users are increasingly demanding a new way to discover things-to-do, starting from their backyard. It also signals that users prefer a more entertaining, social, and personalized customer experience, said Marcus Yong, Vice President of APAC Marketing, Klook.

Live-streaming boosts conversion rates for travel and leisure offerings tremendously

Earlier in August, Klook piloted a series of hyper-localized content on Klook Live! featuring offerings from food and dining to hotel staycation packages. The results signal that Klook Live! coupled with traveltainment, lead to stronger purchase intent. Pilot markets observed a 4 times average uplift in conversion rates compared to in-app conversion rates on an average day.

In addition, Thailand's staycation surprise deal sold out in just eight minutes, while in Singapore, two out of three staycation bookings made within 24 hours were direct conversions as a result of the livestream. In Hong Kong, hundreds of food and dining exclusive deals were snapped up in less than five minutes. Both Singapore and Thailand also experienced about a 2 times uplift in revenue compared to an average day. These encouraging results demonstrate Klook Live!'s massive potential in triggering booking intent.

Riding the growth momentum, more content and products will be rolled out on Klook Live! in the coming weeks and months. These include episodic programs to unveil a new local carnival in Taiwan and indoor recreational parks in Malaysia amongst others.

Discovering experiences easily on mobile devices

Klook Live! is designed to cater to the region's growing demand for online video content on mobile devices. Over 1.2 billion Asia-Pacific users consume video content on their mobile devices in 2019, and this is expected to increase by over 75% to 1.6 billion by 2023.[2]

This is also expected to be a norm post-COVID-19 as people consume more video content. For instance, Gen Z respondents said that they expect their increased levels of consumption of social media, videos, and streaming services to continue even post-outbreak.[3] With more people expecting a truly mobile experience — from seeking inspiration, planning travel itineraries, payments and check-in to the experience — livestreaming video content on mobile becomes essential to further engagement with customers, especially Gen Z and Gen Y.

With Klook Live!, the experience is mobile-optimized. Customers can discover unique new things to do through bite-sized, interactive, and entertaining live content anytime, anywhere on their mobile device. Customers can look forward to a wide range of entertaining live videos from product and activity reviews, to itinerary tips to help them plan their future experiences better.

During the livestream, customers can interact directly with merchants, express their feelings through emoji and polls, redeem exclusive promo codes and check-out seamlessly - all while watching the live episode. Users can also expect more features to be rolled out on Klook Live! including more interactive functions such as custom emojis and new methods to unlock exclusive promotions.

Empowering merchants to achieve online success, starting with domestic

With international travel restrictions in place, merchants require creative platforms to showcase their offerings to local audiences and encourage them to support local businesses that depend on tourism. With Klook Live!, merchants of all sizes from the tours and activities sector, hotel, to food and dining, can bridge that gap and build stronger connections with local users, boosting brand awareness and sales.

Klook Live! is not just an amplification channel, it will be a new form of content - traveltainment, added Yong. This will be a new growth engine for us today and tomorrow. We are able to empower members of our community from merchant partners to destination marketing organizations, to bring exciting content seamlessly across the globe. We believe that the future of travel will be mobile dominant, where consumption of content, transactions, and interactions, will all happen on mobile. As a tech-driven company, we will be in a position to lead this change.

Klook Live! is now available in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines, and can be accessed easily by downloading the Klook app on Google Play or the App Store. Users can simply swipe down from the homepage to reveal upcoming and past livestream episodes.

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