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Disruption is Coming For Your Trash Can: Petal Introduces the World's First Zero-Odor, Germ-Freezing Waste Bin

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FORT WORTH, Texas: Waste bins are a universal element of every home, hospital, school, restaurant, and space where people gather.

Nearly 150 years ago, humankind began storing its waste indoors to
reduce the overflow of putrid, germ-filled garbage in public spaces.

All that literal and figurative crap was ushered in from the streets into our homes and hangouts, where it festers until the heroes of the public sanitation department take it off our hands. Surprisingly, over a century and a half, advancements in the storage of fetid, germ-filled waste have been largely aesthetic, not functional.

Until now.

Petal is launching with a new technically-unique, aesthetically-pleasing and category-agnostic appliance poised to forever supplant in-home waste disposal methods. In other words Disruption is coming for your trash can.

Designed to fit into any room of your home, Petal is a sleek, responsibly-sourced, and scarily-efficient subzero waste storage solution that naturally freezes its contents, solving pervasive problems with waste disposal

Eliminating the Ick-Factor Dispose of dirty diapers, food scraps, adult incontinence briefs, feminine hygiene products, pet waste, and anything else that stinks with the knowledge that your home environment will remain fresh and clean.

Reducing the Nuisances of Composting Saving food scraps for compost should be a universal practice. Period. Petal easily transitions you to saving food scraps by eliminating the nuisances of fruit flies, rodents, pet-tampering, and foul-odors. If they can't smell it, they can't find it. For curious toddlers, the child lock does the trick.

Stopping the Spread of Disease & Microbial Threats Freezing harmful bacteria and viruses renders them inert without breeding bacterial resistance (super germs). Petal also enables you to quarantine discarded masks, gloves, and medical waste with ease and peace of mind.

Invented by rocket scientists, Petal is powered by patent-pending freezing technology that naturally stops rot, eliminates stink, and halts the spread of germs, differentiating it from anything that currently exists on the market.

Petal isn't some add-on tech fix for your trash can, it's a complete re-imagining of the in-home waste storage process, and it has the potential to mitigate public health issues stemming from poor sanitation throughout the world. Petal co-founder and Executive VP of Social Impact Christie Zwahlen said. Unlike other waste disposal 'solutions' on the market, it actually stops rot, stink, and the spread of germs. Tell me this isn't crazy In 1875, the trash can became a commonplace tool for storing waste indoors, but virtually nothing about it has changed since. Almost every daily-use home tool has seen huge advancements in effectiveness, but not this. At their core, waste bins are still room-temperature containers holding a stagnant soup of the grossest things we want to disappear from our homes. It's time for something better.

Petal is a missing piece of the household puzzle, added David M. M. Taffet, Petal CEO and the other half of its wife-and-husband co-founder team. Only recently has insulation and refrigerant been made available that is efficient enough to allow an appliance of this kind to operate economically. I believe there's an enormous market for a more fresh, clean, and hygienic world.

A Familiar Surprise
Petal is equally effective at providing odorless and germ-free waste disposal in multiple domains kitchens, nurseries, and restrooms. It is a familiar experience with a superior delightful outcome.

From the outside, Petal is a beautifully-designed, pedal-operated waste bin. Its unique design aesthetic communicates a democratic freshness—an accessible, friendly, and welcoming form that melds seamlessly within any home environment. On the inside, where it counts the most, Petal employs next generation insulation, environmentally sustainable refrigerant, and innovative design architecture to perform as a hybrid freezer/waste bin—naturally stopping odors and putting germs on ice, in a convenient and easy-to-use form factor.

Unlike most products in today's marketplace, Petal is durably built to last for a decade or more of vigorous use. No cheap parts or planned obsolescence. Petals transitions with you as your needs change—from the nursery to the kitchen and beyond. In addition to its pioneering technology, Petal boasts several attributes that set it apart from other disposal devices.


Hands-free design & soft-touch, non-skid foot pedal
Energy efficient, using less than $1 worth (8 KWh) of electricity monthly
Whisper-quiet operating at less than 30 dB
Child safety lock prevents children (or curious pets) from getting inside 
Night light illuminates foot-pedal area to inform you the unit has reached optimum temperature
Foot-pedal glow light changes color to orange to warn you when the lid has accidentally been wedged open, and changes back when the optimum temperature has been reclaimed
Easily-removable 5 gallon (19L) inner pail made of flexible, non-stick material uses standard, non-proprietary, kitchen-size trash bags for convenience and cost-effectiveness
Two generous side handles for easy movement and positioning for cleaning
Detachable and interchangeable cord adapts to room and outlet configurations

Petal will be available for preorder the week of October 5. All units will ship with The Petal Promise an industry-leading 100-day money-back guarantee and 12-month warranty, which can be extended to 24 months upon registration.

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Disruption is Coming For Your Trash Can: Petal Introduces the World's First Zero-Odor, Germ-Freezing Waste Bin

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