Preity Zinta says she's 'super excited' to come out of quarantine

ANI | 8 days ago

Preity Zinta says she's 'super excited' to come out of quarantine

Mumbai , September 16: Super excited to come out of quarantine, actor Preity Zinta on Wednesday shared a short video stating that she went through a COVID-19 test, and hopes the report comes out as negative.

The 'Kya Kehna' actor posted a video on Instagram from her hotel room in Dubai where she has quarantined herself for past 5 days.

In the video, Zinta said, "Hi everyone, this is day six of quarantine and I'm super excited to come out of quarantine tomorrow, I just had the COVID test, and even though I haven't really met anybody...there is a little bit of nervousness."

With her fingers crossed she added, "I don't know why that there might be one percent chance...I hope, I should test negative, and then I can come out, but anyway... let's just be positive, and be happy. I just wanted to thank all of you because doing these updates was one exciting thing that had kept me going through this quarantine."

Sending a message to people who are in self0-isolation, " All of you who are in quarantine, don't worry, time will come! So hang in there, and stay safe, and m supr excited to come out tomorrow, Take care! "

The 'Koi Mil Gaya' actor signed off with a smile as she passed a flying kiss, saying, " I love you all, take care!"

Along with the video, the 'Kal Ho Naa Ho' actor noted in the caption, " Day 6 of Quarantine feels brighter cuz it's time to get out tomorrow ( provided I test negative for my fourth covid test) so I can shoot the Sponsor commercial with the team.I think I've had enough me time for some time now. #Day6 #Quarantinelife #Ipl2020 #Dubai #Ting."

Preity Zinta, co-owner of the Kings XI Punjab team, is currently in Dubai, for the upcoming season of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Preity Zinta says she's 'super excited' to come out of quarantine

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