Fairmont Schools Launches Athletic Academy at San Juan Capistrano Campus

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SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif: Fairmont Schools, long known as a leader in educational innovation, has added a new program to its San Juan Capistrano campus that incorporates athletic training, conditioning, and sports-specific skill-building into the regular school day.

Designed with elite student-athletes in mind, Fairmont Athletic Academy combines the benefits of an award-winning academic program with daily training powered by Fairmont's partner, The Treigning Lab.

High school athletics are becoming more competitive than ever, says Fred Romo, who directs the new program. Younger athletes who are involved in elite club or travel sports programs are looking to increase their athletic performance to prepare for high school, but doing so means hours of extra practice and training time added on to the school day. Fairmont makes it possible for middle school athletes to maximize their time as well as their training effectiveness —taking their skills to the next level without compromising on academic quality, says Romo.

Fairmont San Juan Capistrano has partnered with The Treigning Lab, a world-class performance training center that works with top-level professional, collegiate, and Olympic athletes. It is the only school in the country with access to The Treigning Lab's science-based methods, which are utilized to create an individualized program specific to each athlete. Students enrolled in the academy also benefit from working with a certified strength and conditioning coach and a full-time athletic trainer, both of whom help ensure their health and safety.

Another distinctive feature of Fairmont Athletic Academy is the caliber of academics available to its participants. Academically, we are the strongest academy in Southern California, said Fairmont President Chad Jackson. Other school academies rely on online charter schools to deliver the educational component. Our program doesn't compromise on academic quality.

Students who participate in the program take core courses in math, science, English, social science, and world language or leadership. In order to fit training time into regular school hours, the instructional minutes which would normally be devoted to elective courses are redirected to both general and sport-specific training. For some athletes, this means that their daily training and conditioning will be completed by the time they finish their school day, making late nights on the field and court or at the gym a thing of the past.

Student-athletes who attend Fairmont Athletic Academy will have a competitive edge over other incoming freshmen, says Romo. Students will be prepared physically and academically to compete immediately in high school.

Fairmont Schools Launches Athletic Academy at San Juan Capistrano Campus

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