Versant Health Unveils Eye Health Resource Site This Back To School Season

PRN | 9 days ago

BALTIMORE: Versant Health, a leading managed vision care company, has launched a new online resource center, Don't Lose Sight of Eye Health, providing educational tools about the benefits of routine eye exams, which are particularly important for classroom learning success—both virtual and in person—as children head back to school this fall.

Versant Health's Don't Lose Sight of Eye Health online resource center includes infographics, blog posts, videos, whitepapers and eBooks on topics ranging from scheduling an eye exam during COVID-19, to common eye problems in children, for whom vision and learning are linked.

As parents across the country prepare their children for the new school year, they may overlook one of the most important aspects of planning—eye exams, said Kirk Rothrock, Chief Executive Officer of Versant Health. While this school year make look different due to COVID-19, the learning goal remains the same. Without a comprehensive eye exam, children may have undetected and untreated vision problems that could impact their school performance or cause them to be incorrectly diagnosed with a learning disorder.

According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), school age children should receive a comprehensive eye exam before the first grade. After that, they should receive an eye exam every other year, if no vision correction is required, or annually, for children who need glasses or contact lenses.

The tools in the resource center follow the AOA's guidelines for childhood eye exams and eye health and safety tips for parents. The resource center also includes information about routine eye exams as an effective form of preventative medicine for all age groups, from kids to seniors.

Versant Health Unveils Eye Health Resource Site This Back To School Season

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