VRSim Announces SimSpray Go, the Affordable, Portable HVLP Painter Training Tool

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EAST HARTFORD, Conn: VRSim, Inc., an innovator in VR skills training, is pleased to announce SimSpray Go. SimSpray Go is a lightweight, portable, tabletop painter training tool.

This new model uses a selection of SimSpray's effective and efficient VR painter training content to teach HVLP painter skills. Providing convenience, quality, and reliability in a compact, portable, off-the-shelf package, SimSpray Go is a cost-effective investment for HVLP painter training and education programs.

SimSpray Go Features

Immersive HVLP Painter Training
Real-Time Performance Feedback and Analysis
Motion-Tracked Spray Gun with Functional Equipment Settings
ROI Tracking for Time and Material Savings
14 Automotive and Basic Geometry Practice Parts
Optional Parts and Add-Ons Available
Integrated Learning Curriculum
Portable Hard Case with Wheels (Weight 40lbs or 18kg)
We're making painter training more accessible to shops, schools, and training programs, said Matthew Wallace, CEO and President of VRSim. We've made it faster and easier than ever to get into the paint booth.

SimSpray Go provides trainers and trainees with the ability to practice, diagnose flaws, and improve their skills in a single training session. Distill paint training into concise, repeatable exercises with instant feedback, and intuitive performance insights. SimSpray's ease-of-use, minimal setup, and approachable design make it easy to integrate in training programs.

VRSim's SimSpray models are the most effective immersive training tool for painters, offering numerous benefits for education and industry organizations. VRSim continues to improve their virtual painter training tools with the collected insight from paint and technology industry professionals.

For more information about SimSpray products and training capabilities visit https//www.simspray.net/

VRSim Announces SimSpray Go, the Affordable, Portable HVLP Painter Training Tool

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