Avitecture Equips New Paul VI Catholic High School for Future Generations

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STERLING, Va: Paul VI Catholic High School, rated one of the best 50 Catholic high schools in the USA, has opened its new, state-of-the-art facility on a new 68-acre campus in Loudoun County, Virginia with advanced audiovisual systems by Avitecturetm.

Avitecture is honored to have contributed to this extraordinary new school, said Greg Boyd, Avitecture's president.

The football, baseball, and softball fields have easy-to-use audio systems with two announcer microphones in the press box, an additional wireless microphone, and a CD-iPod player. Outdoor all-weather speakers are placed and directed to maximize the impact on the field and for spectators and to minimize sound to the surrounding communities. These audio systems have wireless assisted-listening systems and outputs for the press.

The Main Gym and the Auxiliary Gym have advanced, high-quality sound systems with announcer microphones, audio mixers, and 15-inch three-way bass reflex speakers for sporting events, pep rallies, and other events.

The Chapel and the Dining Hall have 16-input audio mixers with two stereo outputs for voice amplification using both wired and wireless microphones; as well as for music and other audio sources. Pendent ceiling speakers distribute the audio providing even coverage throughout the Chapel and the Dining Hall. An assisted-listening system is in both spaces.

The Band Room has a 16-input, two-output stereo audio mixer for voice amplification as well as music and other audio sources. Two 15-inch three-way bass reflex speakers fill the room with robust audio.

The 700-person theatre has advanced AV capabilities including a giant motorized video projection screen measuring 15-feet high by 24-feet wide on the stage. A 9,400-lumen projector located in the control room provides sharp, bright video. The audio capabilities of this space are powerful and flexible; stacks of amplifiers drive several modular point source line-arrays, active loudspeakers, many ceiling speakers, as well as subwoofers. A wireless intercom system and an assisted-listening system complement the powerful and flexible audio controls.

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Avitecture Equips New Paul VI Catholic High School for Future Generations

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