Destination wedding in your mind?

Destination wedding in your mind?

New Delhi, Jan 31 : If you are drooling over the idea of a destination wedding but hesitant to go for it calling it an expensive affair or calling it just for the elites, here we are busting the myths.

Sandeep Lodha, Chief Executive Officer, explains in detail

Myth #1 Expensive affair

Contrary to popular belief, weddings, if planned well, are not just easy on your pockets, but also end up posing as a great bonding exercise for the family. Moreover, timely planning allows you to avail of a gamut of deals on venue and non-venue services like catering, decor, jewellery, outfits and insulate you from the brunt of inflation. Initiating the back-end work during the off-season also gives you the freedom to choose from the choicest selections at breakthrough prices and helps you execute the much anticipated 'Big Fat Indian Wedding' by eliminating the chances of last-minute price shoot-ups.

Myth #2 Weddings curated by planners lack a personal touch

It is a common perception that wedding planners put together a wedding that looks artificial and is far from what the couple actually desires or their personalities. However, they are professionals who work with the only purpose of bringing an individual's plans to reality. They have the intention of providing clients an enjoyable and memorable experience, and seamless events leading up to the big day. In order to ensure the same, they make a note of the aspirations and preferences of the couple, get acquainted with their style and personality, and finally bring together an affair that simply is an extension of the couple's persona and specially curated for them...all while being patient and passionate about your big day. Today, bespoke weddings are a rising trend across India, wherein all elements of the wedding, right from the wedding website, decor, bar, food menu and light settings are specially customized keeping in mind the couple's interests and hobbies.

Myth #3 Destination weddings are only for the elite

In today's day and age aspiring millennials, with most belonging to the middle-income group are making bold choices with regards to destination weddings. They are not shying away from exploring all sorts of destinations be it beaches, palaces, lakesides and historical forts among others. They opt for guest accommodation close to the venue to make it feasible for all. Besides, resorts and venues offer discounts on bulk packages and cater to end-to-end needs of all attendees, taking away the burden of planning this massive affair from the to-be-weds. The hotel ensures that all the important details are accounted for, look after guest RSVPs, room service, hospitality and Fiamp;B provisions in the lead up to the wedding so as to make it a memorable experience for each one to have participated in the event.

Myth #4 Running errands personally is the key to a successful wedding

While weddings can be a tedious event involving a lot of moving around, there are new-age online wedding companies offering best-in-class venue and non-venue services at the mere click of a button. These are reliable and pose as one-stop-shop for all your wedding-related needs entailing every element from the venue to Mehendi to the bridal lehenga to wedding planning. Brands like provide hassle-free planning iamp; booking at guaranteed best prices and also assist you with venues by facilitating guided visits. They also help you pick from a range of options to cater to your preferences and tastes and give you access to over 20000+ vendors across the country. They save you the drudgery of running from pillar to post in the quest for finding the right vendor and make the process seamless by strategically bridging the gap between you and some of the best vendors in the business.

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Destination wedding in your mind?