Reimagined Hadley: Groundbreaking Digital Footprint For Those Facing Vision Loss

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WINNETKA, Ill: In 1920, William Hadley, a Chicago area high school teacher who lost his sight at the age of 55, revolutionized the way adults facing vision loss would learn to read again when he created his Braille by Mail system.

One hundred years later, the nonprofit that bears his name is again revolutionizing the way it provides support to persons throughout the world facing vision loss, especially those, like Hadley, who acquired the condition later in life.

Taking a dramatically different approach to reaching an audience that is often difficult to reach—primarily older adults facing vision loss related to diseases such as macular degeneration and glaucoma—Hadley has entirely overhauled its digital footprint,

Built on many months of research and development work, the new approach is entirely based on the needs, wants and desires of visually impaired adults. The ease-of-use, personalized settings, a wide selection of how-to video workshops, and live support from experts are just a few of the elements that make the new Hadley website a game changer.

At the core of is a highly personalized approach, explains Hadley President Julie Tye. No matter the level of vision someone has, they bring with them a unique set of needs, interests, and their own preferences for how to learn new skills.

Whether the user is interested in learning how to safely use a sharp knife when preparing meals or figuring out how to get back to using a computer, phone, or digital assistant, they'll find the new very intuitive.

Visitors are invited to create their own personal account and then, after adjusting the contrast and font color and text sizes to their liking, are offered different learning avenues including Daily Living, Adjusting to Vision Loss, Recreation, Technology, Braille, and working.

Best of all, every page has a help icon which connects users directly to a live Hadley team member, making the experience less daunting and assuring that Hadley is there every step of the way.

Reimagined Hadley: Groundbreaking Digital Footprint For Those Facing Vision Loss

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