Dynamic Compliance Solutions Aims To Transform The Way Remote Audits Are Conducted In The Post COVID-19 Era

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PARSIPPANY, N.J: Dynamic Compliance Solutions (DCS) today announces the launch of a new Remote Audit Communication Kit (RACK).

The DCS RACK solution enables seamless and secure integration of auditing technology when travel-restrictions limit, or otherwise prohibit, on-site audits.

Many companies and organizations rely on auditing to ensure facilities meet GMP compliance standards and to help verify the legitimacy, trustworthiness, and reliability of suppliers while limiting risks in the supply chain. For audit-sites, maintaining compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is critical for continuing to manufacture drugs, devices, and other products. When in-person auditing is not an option, DCS RACK is a secure, cost-effective, and easy solution to perform audits remotely.

The problem with the way many companies are approaching remote-auditing is that it's either too simplistic and doesn't provide a secure and stable experience or it's so complex and difficult to operate that it's virtually impossible for the site staff and the auditor to focus on completing the audit without the distraction of managing technology.

DCS RACK is a turn-key solution that allows audit-sites to virtually host an auditor, and provides the auditor with the same access and control as they would have with an in-person audit. With industry-leading security features, DCS RACK has built-in safeguards to protect proprietary information, intellectual property, and documents for review from copying or re-transmission. The backbone of the RACK system is the ultra-low latency real-time capabilities including 360° viewing of the facility to provide a boots-on-the-ground viewing experience with chaperoned access to facilities, utilities, staff, and equipment. In addition, DCS RACK offers technical support staff to manage the communication equipment throughout the entire process.

Remote auditing is a not new idea, but advances in technology demonstrated by DCS RACK have made remote audits a more reliable and seamless process—By working with global organizations like Verizon and Insta360 we are bringing remote auditing into the 21st century. For more information about DCS RACK, visit dcsrack.com.

Dynamic Compliance Solutions Aims To Transform The Way Remote Audits Are Conducted In The Post COVID-19 Era

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