Catherine Asanov Releases Photographic Commentary Titled USA 2020: A Parody

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LOS ANGELES: Los Angeles-based artist Catherine Asanov has released a series of photographs, commenting on the current situation regarding government, business and social responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The series features 19 self-portraits in scenarios evocative of advertisements, each parodying multiple aspects of life in America right now.

I had a calling to create a series during lockdown. I lost all work but not my creativity, offered Asanov, who is a sought-after advertising photographer and the founder of creative agency

Catherine was pushed by her award- winning high-school teacher Andrew Lark to enter the Scholastics Art & Writing Awards, where she placed at the national level with her portfolio. After attending Savannah College of Art & Design in Savannah, France and Atlanta, Catherine graduated Valedictorian of her class. Her career as a photographer has included photographing for clients such as Sony Music, RCA, Becky G, J-LO, Gloria Trevi, NBC, Telemundo, Dreamworks, Badgley Mischka, Sunglasses Hut, The Ritz Carlton, Parade Design and many more. She has been featured in numerous magazines including InStyle, Zink, Vogue and Elle.

Her previous self-portrait series, Nyet That Type of Girl (2018), featured a parody of Russian stereotypes.

I don't want to exploit anybody else's image, she commented. These are my opinions, my emotions, my views.

The project — which documents the present, while stylizing and transforming the look of commercial art — was prompted by the urgency of a once-in-a-lifetime crisis.

This is the first 'war-at-home' scenario for my generation, she said.

I started seeing the world filtered — often ridiculously — by all media. There was grim humor. So I thought 'What if they tried to shove this New Normal down our throats the way they shove cereal and soap? What would a campaign look like that sells fear and confusion as the product of our experiences?' These are our new luxury items but also our essentials. We all got time to unplug our monkey minds and sit down to realize what is going on around the world.

'USA 2020 A Parody' is the result. It's me joking around in a serious way, Asanov added.

Staying safe-at-home in her studio, Asanov channeled her internal frustrations and opinions into this series of powerful images.

My creativity pokes fun at the seriousness of reality that we are experiencing, she said. Our economical, mental, and cultural landscapes have shifted. We are in this together even if our opinions differ.

For the Artist, an immigrant, in America we seek to have a comfortable life — but we are witnessing how COVID-19 can have an impact.

We've began to open our eyes to bigger issues at hand, Asanov said. We sit quietly —bored, with new hobbies, and baking bread. As the world crumbles before us, I found hope in humor and parody.

It's very funny, bizarre, and gloomy and challenging, she concluded. And who knows what's next?

Catherine Asanov Releases Photographic Commentary Titled USA 2020: A Parody

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