Pollution Face Mask with Filter Back in Stock Ahead of Wildfire Smoke Season

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NEW YORK: A key player in the global face mask industry is reportedly shifting gears to helping aid those that will be affected in the upcoming wildfires season.

Debrief Me, a longtime anti-pollution face mask company, has restocked its best-selling filtering pollution face mask, the X95, in anticipation of short supply during the wildfires season due to the current pandemic.

Debrief Me has seen significant growth in the pollution and non-medical face mask industry in the last several years, developing a line of washable, reusable masks lab-tested and geared towards those seeking protection from pollution, dust and other impurities in the air.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has experienced a substantial 400% increase in online sales. However, recent reports of climate change and poor air quality posing a bigger threat globally than COVID-19 have sparked an increase in demand for protective gear against natural disasters like wildfires and growing pollution.

Before the coronavirus, we were one of the leading companies in the washable, reusable anti-pollution face mask space. Now, everyone needs a mask, and we've sold out numerous times online. But with the latest reports of experts warning that ignoring climate change and poor air quality would be a huge mistake, we are finding more people are needing masks now in anticipation of the wildfires, smoke protection, dust and all the other impurities from pollution in the air, CEO & Founder, Matt E Silver, says.

The company's restocked X95 anti-pollution mask utilizes N95 technologies, containing five layers of advanced filtration and PM2.5 filters. Experts state that PM2.5 particles are 30 times smaller than a human hair and can lead to respiratory infections and cardiovascular problems. According to Debrief Me, this mask is particularly beneficial for those with allergies, weakened immune systems or exposed to sawdust, pollen or airborne contaminants.

This is a next-generation anti-pollution mask with effective filtering by a pioneer company. It has sold out a number of times in the past couple of years during wildfire season and now the pandemic. The versatility, comfort and effectiveness of this mask is being valued by customers all over the globe, Silver notes.

The X95 has also been designed for maximum comfort in mind by the innovative company. Silver says that while most pollution masks on the market today only focus on covering the face and filtration, comfort is a key focus of Debrief Me's line of masks. Featuring adjustable nose bridges and elastic, adjustable ear loops with non-latex straps, the company has taken significant care to provide both protection and comfort with its masks.

Debrief Me states that it is currently selling its line of masks on its official website and in over 30 marketplaces worldwide, quickly expanding its popularity in the UK. The company projects selling in retail stores later this year.

Those wanting to buy its X95 anti-pollution mask can visit its official website at https//debriefme.com/collections/washable-reusable-anti-pollution-masks.

Pollution Face Mask with Filter Back in Stock Ahead of Wildfire Smoke Season

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