5 Time State and 19 Time District Champion, Coach Robert (Bob) Sepulveda Book 1

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ALAMOGORDO, N.M: 2nd Life Media Company Inc. today announced the release on Amazon.com of book 1, of the 3 part series of books on Coaches Robert and Marilyn Sepulveda. Book one is titled Coach Robert (Bob) Louis Sepulveda: The Early Years.

The first of the 3 part series of books is a tale of the historical crossroads of Football, Track & Field and Cross Country. Co-written by authors; Chris Edwards & Rene Sepulveda, the book series begins with the Alamogordo, New Mexico athletic program of 1916 progressing through today.

The focus is on the track & field and its paths that crossed into interscholastic football and cross country. The series is a comprehensive history that tells the stories of the many personalities from 1916 to 1996 that influenced New Mexico and national interscholastic, collegiate, and pro sports including the NFL; in Track and Field, Cross Country, High School Football and beyond.

The book series takes on issues of the launch of national interscholastic sports standards, school sports integration, Girl's Title IX implementation, the politics of high school football athletics and more.

The series contains the records of 100s of young athletes, rich in dialog and interviews with athletes, coaches, and more. The series factoids highlight successes and failures of some great athletes & coaches, plus history lessons related to athletics. The central characters in the book are Coaches, Bob and Marilyn Sepulveda, paired with a variety of characters that played a role in the program success of the Alamogordo, New Mexico Track and Field, Cross Country & Football programs over 9 decades.

Coach Bob Sepulveda, New Mexico Coach of the Year for boy's track; 1982, 1991 and 1996. Received the NHSACA Region 8 Coach of the Year in 1982, 1991 and 1996, Section 6 Coach of the Year in 1991 and 1996. Along with his wife Marilyn, both, received the New Mexico High School Coaches Association Level IV Coaching Milestone ring in 1989. He and his wife Marilyn were inducted into the Alamogordo Tiger Hall of Fame in 1988.

Coach Bob Sepulveda is just a good, hard-working coach and a good responsible person who cared about the kids in his charge. That for anyone who's paying attention, is all the message that's necessary, per a Commentary in the Albuquerque Journal by Rick Wright titled Message There for Those who Watch, Listen, Friday May 13, 1994

5 Time State and 19 Time District Champion, Coach Robert (Bob) Sepulveda Book 1

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