Celebrities Get Reported For Looking Too Good On Dating App Luxy

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NEW YORK: Please stop reporting them! After getting rising false reports, dating app Luxy realizes this is moving beyond the issue to manage its community.

Most of false reports claim that the persons reported are impersonating celebrities or influencers, as They look too good to be true. What are the facts?

Out of over 100 daily reports, 82% of them turned out to be false

37% of reported users were previously verified
45% were forced to verify their photos who are later confirmed to be the owner of those pictures
Half of them are actors, actresses and Instagram Influencers with 20k+ followers
Professional photographers are more likely to get reported

Reasons for reports: Creating the perfect profile to pass the review
As one of the most selective dating apps, Luxy accepts 35% of its applicants. While users are allowed to prove themselves as a part of elite fold of millionaires, celebrities or influencers to get greater chances.

The report of a profile remains initially without any consequences. Our members should not worry about getting banned, as Luxy has an entire team taking care of every single case carefully. Spokesman Raffael Krause says when being asked about if Luxy would make the same mistake as Bumble did. (P.S. Sharon Stone was banned from Bumble)

Owners of pictures take their reports easy
The people who falsely have been accused for using a fake profile are really good sports in such incidents. One of them is M. an heir to a well known luxury brand. It happens to me all the time that people ask me online if I am really the one I say that I am. It's not annoying me but I won't engage in any discussion about it. You either believe me or you don't.

Another user A., a model from Brazil adds that Online Dating is even sometimes harder for her than for an average person. Some people just don't believe what they see. They accuse me straight away of having a fake profile, so I won't continue chatting with them and therefore have less choice than other people.

Do false reports reduce sign-ups from public figures?
Luxy's director says he hasn't seen a decrease: We've been receiving tons of positive applicants from famous people. Since Luxy users keep ignoring the verified emblem and reporting falsely, Luxy decided to emphasize it in design to arouse their attention. It will highlight the verification to protect popular users from harassment.

About Luxy:
Luxy us the most popular selective dating app. It caters exclusively wealthy and successful people, gathering celebrities, influencers, millionaires, managers and athletes from all over the world. Since its launch in 2014, Luxy has paired more than 2 million singles.

Find Luxy on Instagram @onluxy and visit www.onluxy.com to know more about us. Available to download on the App Store and Google Play.

Celebrities Get Reported For Looking Too Good On Dating App Luxy

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