How to Easily Create Beautiful Free Fast Websites with Brizy

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TALLINN, Estonia: Everyday more people are discovering webpage builder Brizy is the quickest and easiest way to create free great looking responsive personal or business websites.

Agencies and freelancers especially like it because it helps complete projects in record time.

Now the website builder under its free plan even lets you host your own custom domain name. Again, for free.

Brizy is the easiest and the most intuitive site builder out there. Even a nine-year-old child can create an incredible free website all in one day, said Brizy co-founder Dimi Baitanciuc. If you're a beginner, an artist, or someone who wants to create their website fast and easily try Brizy.

People love it because it helps build a website faster. A recent user remarked it allowed him to create a beautiful site with complex features like email capture and in fewer than 10 minutes.

It's so fast that agencies and freelances using collaborative tools can make more money by handling more projects in the same amount of time.

New employees using our tools will learn faster and produce more project. They can reuse different elements for different projects, which saves time, said Baitanciuc.

You can use Brizy for free, purchase Brizy Pro for $49 per year for up to three websites or purchase Studio for $99 for unlimited websites. There's even a lifetime studio membership for $299.

In most cases a simple page can be created with the free version. However, you won't have access to all the extra Pro Version features. You have an option with the free version of either using it as a plugin to easily build WordPress websites and hosting it yourself or hosting your custom domain on Brizy Cloud for free.

Brizy Cloud is recommended over WordPress for faster loading speeds with low latency and better security. WordPress is huge, powering about 30 percent of all websites, but has a big problem with security, said Baitanciuc.

If you host your site on Brizy Cloud, you don't have to worry about someone hacking into your site, so it's recommended over WordPress. Since it also uses static pages, it's fast and the extra security lets you sleep at night.

You can host your site on Brizy cloud, or on third party free hosting for more flexibility. This option isn't available with most competitors.

This gives you more options for content ownership by being independent of Brizy servers. You also benefit from faster page download speeds, low latency and improved SEO by taking advantage of the global content delivery network (CDN). The network is a series of global servers allowing users to download websites from the closet server.

Brizy Cloud hosting also comes with free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which ensures data transferred from the site to the user is secure. This helps rank your site higher with Google and other search engines.

Compared to other website builders, the first difference people see while using Brizy is its simplicity, user friendly and speed. A better user interface means it takes less time to create a full site. Agencies or freelancers can finish a web project quickly and at a high level with collaborative tools.

Right now, you can create different accounts in your dashboard to work with different clients. In each account, you can invite people to assign different roles. You can assign team member like a text editor or a designer.

Soon you can use collaboration tool to assign tasks and comments directly on the site, keeping all communication in one place to reduce confusion between you and the client.

This mean faster delivery, more projects and more happy clients.

By the end of 2020 it will also include an e-commerce and blog component to sites on the cloud version. Brizy will also launch a feature called stories for mobile sites that's similar to Instagram stories.

It's one of the best ways to showcase your product or service. I think it's the future of mobile, said Baitanciuc.

The company plans launch more collaboration tools, funnels and a developer API that will be the most sophisticated and easiest solution for freelancers and agencies to create professional websites.

We already have agencies waiting for Brizy API. With this, they can integrate a Brizy White Labeled solution into their SaaS to create an event or booking app and integrate the Brizy editor under their brand, said Baitanciuc.

How to Easily Create Beautiful Free Fast Websites with Brizy

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