As Schools Grapple with How to Safely Open Amid COVID-19, Safeology Tower Shines Ultra-Violet Light as Beacon of Hope

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SEATTLE: Safeology ( today announced the official launch of the Safeology Tower as a groundbreaking weapon in the war on COVID-19.

The inaugural UVC-disinfection product is the flagship device for Safeology's growing fleet of pathogen-fighting smart products. As educators navigate how to open schools safely, this technology is the key to keeping our nation's future leaders safe and healthy by eliminating up to 99.9% of pathogens.

We need our kids to learn, said Safeology CEO Jim Mischel. We're holding back a generation of students; we can't let that happen. We now have the technology to safely put students back in the classroom.

Based in Everett, Washington - where the first U.S. case of COVID-19 was diagnosed, Mischel and his R&D team created the Made in America product after the birth of his daughter, whose name is America.

All I wanted to do was keep my family safe from this terrible pandemic, Mischel said. After a great deal of work and ingenuity, the Safeology Tower was born.

Utilizing UVC and IoT technology created for fast and safe deployment, the Safeology Tower allows widescale disinfection of classrooms, hotels, cruise lines, healthcare facilities, and other spaces with ease and unmatched efficiency. Far more than just a UVC lamp, the Safeology Tower was specifically created with smart technology, complete with wireless touch pad, remote-control functions, safety features, and data collection software useful for a wide range of hospitality and healthcare industry needs.

With the manufacturing infrastructure in place, Safeology has also brought together a team of national experts to navigate the UVC technology and its use. The team includes George Diaz, M.D., who treated the first U.S. case of COVID-19; chemical engineer Joseph Anderson, Ph.D.; microbiologist David Rockabrand, Ph.D.; and electrical engineer Rolf Bergman, Ph.D.

I can easily say the Safeology Tower is the absolute best UVC sanitizing equipment on the market. It's a complete package of useful tools, Mischel said.

The Safeology Tower: Smart Reduction of Pathogens

The Safeology Tower eliminates up to 99.9% of surface pathogens through the effective use of UVC disinfection - a well-studied germicidal technique gaining prominence in the fight against COVID-19 and other coronaviruses. Designed for both function and beauty, the sleek Safeology Tower offers a unique and complete total-disinfection solution loaded with literally dozens of features, including:

Laser mapping technology to determine required UV dosage to deactivate the virus.
Multiple safety features including PIR (passive infrared) motion sensors and AI (artificial intelligence) movement detection to ensure safe operation in unoccupied spaces.
Interactive 6.3-inch tablet with integrated wireless charger; Wi-Fi Cloud-based control and monitoring; multiple languages, and cycle-completion notification.
74-inch height for floor to ceiling, 360o disinfection coverage; 6 high-output shatter resistant amalgam 253.7 nm UVC lamp emitters with 12,000-hour lamp life; handles and easy-roll wheels for fast deployment of unit, with self-locking casters for secure placement.
Full range of other supportive resources, including PPE equipment; complete marketing support; customer service for help with provisioning, set up, and questions; and a continuously updated online archive of related UVC information.

Review the complete list of features, and learn more about the advantages of the Safeology solution at

As Schools Grapple with How to Safely Open Amid COVID-19, Safeology Tower Shines Ultra-Violet Light as Beacon of Hope

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