UrSafe Joins Forces with Mobile Intelligence Launching Global Safety Initiative

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LAS VEGAS: The Silicon Valley-based mobile personal safety app and next-generation global security company, The UrSafe App, announced its partnership with the Nigeria-based team, virtual data and VAS Aggregator, Mobile Intelligence, to bring personal safety technology to the 160 million+ Nigerian's with mobile handsets.

Over the last decade, security in Nigeria, Africa's most populous country, as well as Ghana and Liberia has worsened as law enforcement has been grossly underfunded and continues to lack the infrastructure to keep pace with safety and security advancements. Thankfully, UrSafe has the most advanced tools in personal security - ranging from voice-activated emergency command, elective real-time location sharing with family and friends, and a geolocated connection with emergency services (911) in more than 200 countries and territories - and through this groundbreaking new partnership, the app will be available for FREE beginning July 2020 throughout the next year, regardless of the user's network carrier.

This partnership will empower each Nigerian, Ghanaian and Liberian by providing a free version of our next-generation personal safety technology to safeguard their day to day lives, said Anthony Oyogoa, CEO and Co-Founder of UrSafe. Since our launch, we understood that the biggest impact we could make with our app would be partnering with telephone carriers while respecting user privacy and keeping their data safe, and we believe this is the first step in achieving our global expansion plans to provide safety for everyone, everywhere.

Carlos Morales Paulin, former Telefonica Mexico employee where he served as CEO for over six years, helped solidify the idea when he began advising our UrSafe founding team. Telecoms, when they come to a community, bring education, information, and financial inclusion, said Paulin during their initial meeting in Mexico City in 2019. Now, imagine the effect if they can help bring some sense of safety and security.

Since the UrSafe launch in December 2019, the app has amassed users in over 140 countries, and facilitated over 4,000 SOS activations around the world. UrSafe also recently released an update that includes six languages and along with several new features, including Follow me, check-in, and Fake Call all to go along with its innovative Voice Activated SOS.

During the height of the global COVID pandemic, UrSafe took the initiative to ensure the app was free to its worldwide users to help combat the domestic violence spike caused by the extensive shutdown. Now, the brand is unveiling its newest partnership to make mobile personal safety accessible for all, regardless of income and phone carrier network, because safety and people come first.

This new partnership and marketing outreach in West Africa will bring about a new layer of security that many need and are looking for in their daily lives, said Alexander Babs-Jonah, General Manager of Mobile Intelligence. For the average Nigerian, having this world-class technology in their hands empowers us much more than you can imagine.

UrSafe is available in both iOS and Android play stores around the world. To learn more about UrSafe, visit ursafe.com

UrSafe Joins Forces with Mobile Intelligence Launching Global Safety Initiative

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