Mr. Tortilla Introduces The First And Only 1-Carb Tortilla This Summer

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SAN FERNANDO, Calif: Mr. Tortilla launches the 1-carb tortilla to help Americans reclaim their post-quarantine bodies with a tasty and guilt-free tortilla.

While many struggle with weight gain during lockdown, Mr. Tortilla's 1-carb tortilla can help kick-start healthy lifestyle habits without sacrificing flavor.

After years of hard work and dedication, Mr. Tortilla's 1-carb tortilla took everything people loved about their low-carb multigrain tortilla and cooked-up the perfect guilt-free taco tortilla:

Each tortilla is 1-carb, 15 calories and taco sized
Thin so it can have a perfect crunch when fried
Flavorful and filling, packed with the right amount of protein and fiber
Flexible and strong enough to withstand the weight of even the bulkiest tacos, while sturdy enough to only need 1 tortilla instead of 2
Proven to help make the healthiest tacos possible

A couple of years ago, after devouring 8 double-tortilla tacos and experiencing a post taco-guilt, I had the idea of creating a guilt-free tortilla for all taco lovers like me, said Anthony Alcazar, President & Founder of Mr. Tortilla. I'm so happy my brother and I created the best and healthiest tortilla in the world, even more now that we are less active while quarantined at home.

After several attempts to find the best taste, texture and nutritional value, the bothers created the 1-carb tortilla and are calling for distributors and brokers interested in selling this one-of-a-kind tortilla that is sure to fly off the shelves. I knew it wasn't going to be an easy task, but it was so worth it, said Ronald Alcazar, COO Mr. Tortilla. I can't wait to find the ideal partners to help bring our tortilla to all family dinner tables in the U.S. and start forming healthier eating habits

About Mr. Tortilla
Headquartered in San Fernando, California, Mr. Tortilla was created by two brothers, Anthony and Ronald Alcazar who saw the need to create a healthy yet affordable tortilla for people that wanted to eat healthier without sacrificing flavor. With the goal of creating the best tortilla in the world, the brothers started their tortilla company as recent UCLA graduates in 2012 and has become one of the fastest growing companies in Southern California. Mr. Tortilla is not only committed to making the best tortilla, they constantly support their employees and communities by donating 10% of net profits to charities, 10% to employee profit sharing and an additional 5% of all online sales are going to families affected by Covid-19.

For information on becoming a distributor and broker, for media information, recipes and to shop online visit To pre-order the 1-carb tortilla visit

Mr. Tortilla Introduces The First And Only 1-Carb Tortilla This Summer

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