Police beat ice-cream parlour owner in Indore for violating lockdown norms, demand 'bribe'

ANI | 8 days ago

Indore , Aug 2: An ice-cream parlour owner accused a police sub-inspector of allegedly beating him up and misbehaving with him at a police station for violating lockdown norms of keeping his shop open one hour post the sanctioned time.

The owner of the ice-cream parlour was taken to the police station as he closed the parlour at 10 o'clock against 9 o'clock timing.

Ramesh Jagwani, the man who was beaten up by the police, said that the incident happened on Wednesday night when two policemen came to his parlour and "spoke rudely" demanding him to come to the police station.

"On July 29, two police constables came to the ice-cream parlour and asked me to come to the Juni Indore Police Station. The police repeatedly insisted that I came with them to the police station even though I told them that I would come once I close my shop," Jagwani told ANI.

"Then at 11 o'clock, Sub Inspector Shailendra Agarwal came and two constables were speaking to him. He then started abusing me and started beating me up," he said.

Jagwani also claimed that the police demanded a bribe of Rs 25,000. "On this, I told them, I would be able to give them only Rs 10,000."

"I then called my son -- who was standing outside the police station -- and asked him to bring the money. The sub-inspector even asked me to sign on two blank papers but I refused to do so. He again started abusing me and beating me up," he said further.

The ice-cream parlour owner further alleged that the sub-inspector threatened him as well. "He also threatened me that I should not keep my ice cream parlour open after 6 pm. I have also filed a complaint in the DIG's office as well," he said.

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Harinarayan Chari Mishra said, "It has been brought to the attention that he (the sub-inspector) has been involved in an incident of violence which is not tolerable. The sub-inspector has been suspended."

The DIG further said that the case has been forwarded to the Deputy superintendent of police (DSP).

Police beat ice-cream parlour owner in Indore for violating lockdown norms, demand 'bribe'

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