InterMed Announces New InterAid Triage and Telemedicine Programs

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ROCKLIN, Calif: InterMed Cost Containment Services is excited to announce a new service offering to the risk management community.

InterAid Triage and Telemedicine is a healthcare services platform that provides employers and their workers convenient alternative access to health services when physical access to a clinician is not possible or access to a healthcare professional is limited.

The InterAid Triage program affords injured workers and their employers to report incidents and seek medical advice quickly through a tool free hotline staffed by caring nurses 24/7. InterMed nurses provide a complete telephonic nursing assessment and clinical guidance using proven and evidence-based triage protocols. Our nurses can also prescribe approved over-the-counter medications under the direction of a Board-certified Medical Director with expertise in occupational injuries.

InterMed's telemedicine program incorporates innovative technology, clinical support, and a network of Board-certified healthcare providers carefully selected to provide care at a moment's notice using secure video conferencing systems that are compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Available 24/7, the program is designed to treat and facilitate assessment of a wide variety of workers' compensation injuries using evidence-based medicine.

In the current coronavirus pandemic, the telephonic triage and telemedicine programs reduce the risks associated with visiting a brick-and-mortar medical facility while providing early access to a clinician. The programs also provide employees a safe and convenient alternative to get information regarding possible COVID 19 exposures and receive answers to questions they may not want to ask their employers. Our triage nurses are ready to field your employees' COVID 19 questions. InterMed is very proud to be able to support our clients during this pandemic with programs that can alleviate employees' coronavirus fears, regardless of exposure, said Jayne Miller, Senior Vice President of InterMed.

InterMed Announces New InterAid Triage and Telemedicine Programs

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