New Email List Builder Lets You Export Every Email Address in Your Gmail Account

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SAN FRANCISCO: San Francisco-based email management company, cloudHQ LLC, just released their latest Google Chrome extension, Email List Builder by cloudHQ.

In 3 clicks, it goes through your entire Gmail account, identifies all email addresses, and neatly organizes them into a Google Sheet. For every email address found, cloudHQ provides an additional 20 profile data points associated with those email addresses to create an information-rich email list.

A full email list builder has unlimited uses for small businesses. Among the first benefits are:

Owning your email contact data
Monitoring sales interactions with customers, or procurement interactions with suppliers
Enhancing marketing effectiveness with email merge tags for email campaigns like: first name, company, job title, etc.

We asked cloudHQ's CMO, Naomi Assaraf, what led her to take this direction. She responded:

Did you know that a company's ROI on a well-executed email marketing campaign can be as high as 4400%?

You see, email marketing is a lot like a good cup of coffee—it's not just the beans that make a difference, it's the quality of the water that you use, too.

I've heard of people buying email lists, but the quality of those lists are usually so poor because those lists have been abused by the time anyone gets it. Creating one from your own Gmail account makes a lot of sense. You already know that your email contacts are real, those people have some kind of rapport with you, and you can easily personalize it with over 20 email merge tags. It's an easy win for any business owner.

Email List Builder by cloudHQ provides 50 free email address exports per month, or you can upgrade to an unlimited monthly subscription for $4.99/month to continue populating your Google Sheet as new emails come in.

We'd be remiss if we didn't also mention that cloudHQ has over 70 free email management Chrome extensions, one of which is conveniently a free email marketing software called MailKing, which allows you to send mass marketing emails once you've built your email list.

New Email List Builder Lets You Export Every Email Address in Your Gmail Account

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