Assam floods: Dam water worsens situation in Nagaon district

ANI | 17 days ago

Nagaon , July 24: Flood situation has worsened after gates of the Karbi Langpi Hydro Electric Project were opened to release at least 25 meters of water in Karbi Anglong district of Assam on Friday.

Floods have wreaked havoc in various districts of Assam for the fourth time this year.

Speaking to ANI, a resident of Nagaon district said, "Our lives were already affected but the situation got worse after the gates of a dam were opened without notifying the people."

"The houses of the people living in the nearby area have been submerged in the flood and rainwater. It has also destroyed the crops in the farms," said a villager.

He further said, "The dam water has destroyed the house of seven families in Madhavpur village. Neither the MLA has not helped them in any way nor the government have come to aid. In fact, locals are using their own boats to travel amid the flood."

Slamming the government, the villager said, "The government has only claimed 'Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas' but we have not seen any step taken in that direction.

Hundreds of houses in the Raha area of Nagaon district got flooded on Tuesday after water was released from a dam of Karbi Langpi hydropower project.

According to Kaziranga Division Forest Officer, the frequency of floods is very high this year.

R Gogoi, Division Forest Officer, Eastern Assam Wildlife Division, Kaziranga said, "As far as floods in Assam is considered, frequency is very high this year. It is the third time, Kaziranga has witnessed flood within a month."

Four more people lost their lives in flood-related incidents in Assam on Thursday, taking the death toll to 93, the State Disaster Management Authority said.

So far, 28,32,410 people have been affected due to floods in 26 districts of the state.

Assam floods: Dam water worsens situation in Nagaon district

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