anadian cybersecurity firm Akouto has released a free tool to help small and medium businesses better protect themselves against cybercrime and online threats.

Geared for organizations with fewer than 500 employees, the tool allows organizations to spot gaps in their cyber security defences and identify basic measures they can put in place to protect themselves against new and evolving cyber threats.

The tool is based on a framework developed by the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, the same framework used by the CyberSecure Canada certification program established by the federal government of Canada to raise the cyber security baseline among small and medium enterprises. While the idea behind the certification program is great, it's rather pricey and can be too expensive for many small and medium organizations already struggling to make ends meet said Dominic Chorafakis, founder of Canadian cybersecurity consulting firm Akouto. Using the free online tool, businesses can save thousands in consulting fees and get a good roadmap for things they can do to shore up their defences against cybercriminals, continued Chorafakis.

This is welcome news for many small businesses who still need to protect themselves against a growing list of online threats even as they face the harsh economic realities of trying to stay afloat during a global pandemic. While there are some hopeful signs for the economy that saw a record increase of almost 18% in US retail sales from April to May, many economists are predicting a slow recovery with the economy not reaching full employment until Q1 2025.

Small and Medium organizations need all the help they can get to keep their business and the economy moving, especially during these times, said Bruno Macchiusi, founder of Toronto-based IT Service Provider Alpha Logics. The last thing they need now is to be dealing with a data breach or ransomware, so it's really great when we can offer them tools to stay protected without breaking the bank, concluded Macchiusi.

The free online tool guides users through a series of questions to assess the effectiveness of their current cyber security practices and identify measures that can be put in place to strengthen their defences. The free assessment tool is available online at https//

What's the Cyber Score? Akouto Offers Free Tool for Small and Medium Businesses to Check Cyber Defences

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