Nepal PM Oli seeks to play down intra-party rift, talks of patience, restraint

ANI | 26 days ago

Kathmandu , July 11: Amid pressure from sections of ruling party, Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on Friday ruled out his resignation and sought to play down the rift, saying pending political issues will be decided through dialogue which require patience and restraint.

Oli in address to the nation referred to COVID-19 said the government should perform its duty of protecting lives of people.

"No one can move away from their duty of protecting people's lives by involving themselves in internal disputes or problems. I have always been reiterating that the government would never step back from its duty to protect people from disease and hunger. Therefore, the government under my leadership has focused entirely on protecting the lives and property from pandemic and calamities." Oli said.

Oli government has faced domestic criticism over its handling of COVID-19 situation.

He also said that the ongoing political scenario might have increased concern about political stability but he will strive to increase unity.

Oli, whose government has created a border row with India, said he would stand firm to "uplift the national self-respect" and protect sovereign power and territorial integrity.

In an apparent reference to the rift in the ruling party, he said the attention of people must have been dragged by the political issues and references but these are internal issues to be sorted out internally.

He said dispute and discussion between any political party are internal issues.

"It is common to have such kind of interest and enthusiasm. Rise of the political issues at the time of dealing with the pandemic and natural calamities is not new. Dispute and discussion between any political party are internal issues. Responsibility of taking that sort of discussion to a conclusion lies on the concerned political party and the leaders. These sort of discussions, consultations and dissent are entirely their internal and sometimes a regular phenomenon. These issues will be solved by the party and concerned leaders through dialogue. Patience and restraint are required for it," Oli said.

Demands for resignation of Prime Minister from the post has been rising in the ruling Nepal Communist Party. These have also been voiced high during Central Standing Committee meeting.

The Central Standing Committee meeting has been postponed time and again as Oli and his co-chair in party Pushpa Kamal Dahal have stuck to their stances. The meeting has again been postponed by a week.

Nepal PM Oli seeks to play down intra-party rift, talks of patience, restraint

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