Michelin Launches Premium Line of Automotive Belts, Tensioners and Idlers on Amazon

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GREENVILLE, S.C: Michelin North America is launching a new line of quality automotive belts, tensioners and idlers available for purchase through Amazon.

Automotive technicians and DIY enthusiasts can now purchase Michelin serpentine drive belts, along with matching idlers and tensioners, that focus on performance, endurance and safety.

As a leader in sustainable mobility, Michelin's power transmission products are fully tested to deliver optimal efficiency and longevity, said Tom Jupena, director of lifestyle products for Michelin North America. Michelin performed an extensive range of quality tests to ensure these products meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer's premium quality standards.

Michelin serpentine belts are manufactured with premium Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) synthetic rubber and a Smart Stretch design to provide a compact, low-noise drive solution with low maintenance, higher cost effectiveness and reduced CO2 emissions.

Michelin idlers are designed and manufactured to reduce vibration, wear and friction, assuring proper belt tension for the same service life as OE components. Michelin tensioners are manufactured with premium materials to minimize vibrations and friction, delivering optimal efficiency and ensuring drivers are protected from the road contaminants that often shorten the life of inferior products.

Michelin's new power transmission products are exclusively manufactured under license by Steigentech and distributed in the U.S. and Canada by International Brake Industries.

For more information, visit www.premiumautoproducts.com.

Michelin Launches Premium Line of Automotive Belts, Tensioners and Idlers on Amazon

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